Argelia Martinez

Marketing Expertise


By my lived, academic, and professional experiences, I have become a translator of culture that is driven by the rush of developing successful marketing outcomes. I hit a turning point in my career when my team and I won the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) Gold award for developing an IMC campaign featuring Spanish speaking Mayhem for Allstate. Through that professional experience, I learned to be a change agent as I challenged the way marketers communicate with bilingual, bicultural consumers. I have a focused interest in consulting clients to build their brand strategy while staying true to their brand identity.

I recently attended a workshop hosted by Argelia. She is a natural presenter and articulates complex ideas in concise terms. She did a wonderful job of keeping the audience engaged by tailoring her overall message to our individual needs. I would definitely recommend attending one of her future workshops.
— Natalie Arroyo, Senior Communications Associate


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Host of Latinx Fireside Chat

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Leadership Certificate 2018